Welcome 2014

I wonder what anyone with little kids is doing tonight, New Year’s Eve, in Cochrane? Every time I search for something Family Fun/Kid Friendly to do, in Cochrane, I find nothing. Except for the all the drink and/or food specials that each and every bar is hosting for the evenings event. So if you’re like my family, who likes to go out and do something to celebrate what this evening commemorates, you’ll have looked at what neighbouring communities are offering:

The City of Calgary is hosting a neon dance party at their municipal building from 7-10pm. Free for the whole family and a night filled with music, games, crafts, live statues and even a fake count-down at 9pm for the kids. Awesome!

In Airdrie you can still find the Festival of Lights all a glow at their Nose Creek Park, which welcomes walker’s, sleds and skater’s for a family fun evening topped off with an amazing firework display around 9pm.

Canmore is throwing a Party on the Pond, another family fun event with skating, bon-fires, free hot dog’s and hot chocolate. Also setting off fireworks around 9:30 for the little ones and then again at mid-night for all those who make it last that long.

This just in! A family fun dance party is being held at Dartique Hall, kids are free but adults are $20/person… Plus a cash bar…

I do say this is probably my first official “boo” to Cochrane. I’m extremely disappointed that The Town is not doing anything 😦


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