It’s Spring!

ImageWell it is! Old Man Winter is having his last laugh and he usually does this time in March but it really is Spring and that is always something to be joyful about. In my house we celebrate the Spring Equinox by gathering together to decorate eggs. To most this would be an Easter tradition but for us we prefer to celebrate the changing of the seasons in a way a little more ancient than The Church. Celtic or Pagan people would decorate eggs on this Equinox as a representation of the most fertile symbol on earth. There are traditions that some would lay their wishes for the season or the year ahead upon their decorated egg and then of course bury these eggs, the fertility symbol, in the ground as an offering to Mother Earth, the world’s only shared spirit of Mother, as an incentive for a bountiful growing season. And this is exactly what my family is gearing up to do this evening. However you may celebrate Spring in your house, be it with a feast or flowers, a cleaning or a little egg decorating – Happy Spring Everyone! It was a long, cold and snowy winter but officially it is over.


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