It’s been a while…

IMG_3976I took a break to have a baby – sort of. A beautiful baby GIRL! The 2nd and the last child for us. I LOVE being a Mom of 2 girls! I tried to shut down everything real estate in my last couple of months of pregnancy and ended up busier than I had been all year. I was even negotiating a deal on my way to the hospital twice! Once while I was having a false labour then again when it was the real deal. Thankfully they don’t offer easily accessible Wi-Fi at the Foothills Hospital (hello it’s the 21st century) so I was unable to work while I was there, which forced other Realtor’s to leave me alone and the majority of my listings had sold by the time the baby and I got home that I was able to spend then entire month of November ignoring my business and snuggling her. While my intention was to keep on this thing at least once week; I’m now a Mom of a very busy 4-year-old and the baby. Finding “extra” time to refresh all my social media outlets for my real estate business is a laughable concept. I’m squeezing this in right now while one is sleeping and the other is being babysat by the television… Alas I would like any my followers, my peers, and my clients – past or present to know that I am still available to help you with your real estate needs. I have a wonderful village that will help me with my children when I need to work. I still love my job and still love the real estate industry and its community. I’m excited to get back out there. It could be a crazy year!


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