Canadian Taxpayers Federation urges Prentice to ‘be like Ralph’

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Global News

CALGARY – The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is pushing Alberta Premier Jim Prentice to cut wasteful spending with a bold new campaign featuring the face of former premier Ralph Klein.

The CTF launched the campaign on Tuesday, urging the premier not to raise taxes in the face of low oil prices, instead hoping he’ll “be like Ralph” and get government spending under control.

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“Ralph Klein was loved by many Albertans because he made tough spending decisions, paid off the debt and created Alberta’s low tax environment,” said CTF Prairie Director Colin Craig.

Prentice said last month that while he doesn’t think Albertans generally advocate a sales tax, he’s prepared to hear a discussion on its merits as the government prepares for the possibility of an ailing economy.

Craig says if the province were to close the…

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