By popular request: My fairy godmother column

Calgary Herald

Virtually every week since the Dec. 19, 2009 column below ran, I have received e-mails from readers writing to me about the below column. Today, I have received four such e-mails, two of them asking me if I wrote the below column. They have it sent to them, and for whatever reason, my name has been removed and the column has been shortened. Below is the original. Feel free to send the link around, or cut and paste it into an e-mail. I don’t care. However, please keep it intact and keep my byline on it. Thanks,


Playing fairy godmother to Quebec not so fun

Calgary Herald
Sat Dec 19 2009
Page: A14
Section: The Editorial Page
Byline: Licia Corbella
Column: Licia Corbella
Source: Calgary Herald

Today, let’s have some fun and play fairy godmother to Quebec. Let’s grant the province the wish it articulated in Copenhagen. Wave the…

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